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We collect and recondition your technological material!


On average every 3 years multinationals, banks and large companies replace desktops, notebooks, monitors, mobile phones, tablets and the rest of the IT equipment leased and still fully functional. Instead, for the private sector, the life cycle is slightly longer, it can go up to 5 years for technology such as laptops and tablets, while for mobile phones it is 3 years.

This generates a huge number of technology that could end up in landfills, instead B2Green comes to companies to collect the technological material and recondition it, to put it on the market at advantageous prices and offer updated technology.


Operating Lease 

The Operating Lease represents a great opportunity for the digital world and for technology that is characterized by ever faster growth and transformation. A company can purchase technology for as long as it needs without incurring ownership costs. With the Operating Lease, the customer also has the possibility of including in the fee a series of services that are used to carry out activities relating to hardware products or technological goods that often do not fall within this type of financing.

Lease – back

The lease back is the contract with which the customers who own an asset sell it to a financial company and the latter, in turn, once paid the agreed sale price, leases it to the original owner, against payment of a fee. periodic agreed and with the right of customers to redeem the asset upon expiry.

It differs from the leasing or financing scheme, since the user’s goal is to acquire liquidity by selling all or part of his technological assets, also freeing himself from a series of constantly present charges such as renewal of licenses, of software , of hardware in order to use these assets through an agreed fee, which may also include hardware, software or technological updates.

B2Green manages the disposal of technological assets, especially in the world of information technology, collecting from customers the assets to be disposed of or that are no longer in use; after the B2Green rite it will decide whether to insert the goods in a reuse process and then re-enter them on the market or otherwise we will take care of the disposal after having in any case effected the cancellation of any data.


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