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Circular Economy

An economy based on reuse, on refurbished gives companies the opportunity not to be a burden to society with respect to the costs of the environment, and above all to have competitive products on the market while respecting company standards

The devices are as new both technically and aesthetically. They are up to 40% cheaper and 100% environmentally friendly.

All B2Green devices are subjected to careful reconditioning processes by our expert technicians, to meet the highest quality standards.

B2Green is a brand, born to be a leader in refurbished, reuse for a new circular economy where there is absolutely no waste.

All our products and the refurbished production and operating cycle undergoes a rigorous refurbishment process and must pass the same standards as if it were a new product.


  • The Operating Lease exempts customers from the management of asset book costs.
  • The duration of the contract makes it possible to exploit the life cycle of the leased assets
  • Zero risk of technological obsolescence.
  • Planning and management of the management costs of all technological assets
  • The assets are covered by the policy
  • The burden and costs of disposal are no longer a problem because they are collected by us
  • Ability to include software, services, extended warranties and support agreements that are not normally accepted by leases
  • Property insurance
  • No purchase obligation
  • Preservation of company liquidity
  • Technological assets evolve and change in ever faster times and often these do not coincide with the timing of the completion of depreciation. In the lease the technology or the assets can be updated or changed according to the needs of the moment and through agreements made before the stipulation of the contract.
  • VAT is paid only on the value of the individual fees
  • The operating lease improves the reclassified balance sheet, because it replaces the purchase of a multi-year asset with a lease that by its nature does not “burden” the fixed assets
  • Full deductibility for IRAP purposes
  • Rents are typically higher than the allowable depreciation in the single financial year, which leads to a reduction in taxable income
  • The Operating Lease allows our partners / suppliers to delegate risk management on their customers to a professional and reliable interlocutor
  • Within the financial statements, operating leasing is not seen as debt. This allows the company to have a higher value and, according to the BASEL 2 agreement, to obtain a higher rating with the consequent possibility of accessing credit more easily.
  • The rental is not considered a loan, which is why the debt is not mentioned in Central Risks, thus allowing the customer to have less exposure to risk for the banks. For this reason, the customer obtains generally better conditions from the banks, both in terms of expenses and rate.
  • It does not affect sector studies

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